Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Continuing what seems to have been our Nashville theme, Mike and I went out drinking again last night. This time we hooked up with the lovely Ryan and visited a dive of a beer bar, a bar with a couple of really good country bands called Tootsies, and Coyote Ugly, respectively. In the middle one, a man stopped to tell me that he thought I looked like a singer. I decided that it was a compliment.
The bathroom in Coyote Ugly was easily the filthiest bathroom I've ever seen, and I say that in light of the pits-and-troughs I came across in China. Mike, my Asian hip-hop-listening-to compatriot surprised the heck out of me by knowing all the words to a few country songs. I love it when you guys pull shit like that, out of nowhere.
Additionally, it turns out that you might not want to take directions from a drunk guy, especially when you're in a town he's only been in for a couple days.

Tonight we went to a hockey game, because we don't have professional hockey in Seattle and Mike's never been to a game. These people take their hockey seriously, occasionally yelling inexplicable things like, "Get off the phone!" at the players. Beforehand we had dinner at some place where we met a fellow from Pittsburgh who wanted to talk to us about sports. I'd have been annoyed except I was involved in a brief but ardent love affair with the mushrooms on my hamburger.

Tomorrow I'm headed to North Carolina, armed with Arctic Monkeys for the older of the boys and Common Market for the little one. I'd prefer to just go home, but another couple of days out of the office will probably be good for me.

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