Saturday, March 11, 2006

There is something to be said for evenings spent in a warm heap crowned by a purring kitty. On the other hand, there's not much at all to be said for very early in the morning when the kitty has stopped purring and has instead decided that toes are blanket monsters that need attacking.
This is why I don't have a cat.

My cold has made my ears all stuffed up, and since I spend my free time with a mumbler I'm spending a lot of it questioning what I've just heard.

My shuttle to the airport comes at 4 AM, and good thing too because I'm getting really restless. I am just no good at all of this being stationary. And I haven't been going out enough lately--not out out. There hasn't been a whole lot of carousing, of drinking and dancing and coming home way too late coated in sweat and needing to be completely disinfected. So I'll be off having adventures in Nashville, and when I come home you and me are going to do some serious something. And we'll enjoy it.

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