Thursday, February 16, 2006

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I've been on a major Magnetic Fields kick for the past week. Up until last Thursday's tribute night I hadn't listened to any of 69 Love Songs in ages, but now I can't take it out of my stereo. And it's sort of funny how the same songs that made me keep drinking last week are just provoking smiles this week. It's amazing, the difference a week makes, and I want you to remind me of that when things fall apart and I go back to drinking.

It's been another week-and-a-half of only being home long enough to shower and sleep and check my email, so tonight I intend to be home, whispering gossip to the ceiling and reading Art Forum.

Valentines Day was the sort of raging success that can only be expected when you get five sassy girls into a room and let them get all hopped up on sugar. I'm a laughing sort of girl, but I actually ached from all the laughing by the time we finally left.

Last night involved a yummy dinner and amusing company. The long weekend is largely unplanned, aside from the usual volunteering and Monday French lessons, but it might also have a little bit of playing with kittens. Small things are cute.

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