Monday, February 27, 2006

Dear everyone,

I was cooking tonight, bopping around the kitchen in my dorky glasses to Sinatra, making soup, and I realized that although February was a short month it ended up being an uncommonly good one. This is probably just in light of the last couple of weeks, which I might tell you about some other time, but as of this exact moment I've found myself in the best mood.
I am really not much of a gambler--too timid for it, too afraid of everything going wrong. Which is very likely just what the trouble with me is. (That, and my habit of ending sentences in improper ways.)

While we were kitten shopping yesterday I met a very small black-and-white fellow with a sour disposition and only one eye. If there was ever a pirate kitty it was this one, and if there was ever a kitten that I ought to own it would be the pirate sort. The fellow thought that I should get it and train it to sit on my shoulder, and then adopt a whole crew of misfit kitties to man the ship, but I'm not allowed to have such things in my apartment. Today I discovered that the little guy is this one, and that makes me very sad.

My nan has recently been forced into a nursing home, and is now doing her best to make life miserable for the better part of my family. That's really pretty par for the course with her, but because everyone is already feeling guilty she's found what amounts to a whole new playground for psychic dodgeball. I'm worried about her, and not a little bit upset about just how useless I am from this distance.

I've been participating in too many late nights full of whispering and hesitant confessions recently, as well as an unladylike like amount of being lazy and giggling. It's all very fun and I plan to continue doing it for as long as I can. It's still cold and rainy but spring is on the way--the daffodils are coming up and the cherry trees are starting to bloom. And you know what that means--it means it's only a matter of weeks until I'll be skipping up to strangers and offering to read their palms through the reflection in their eyes.


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