Monday, March 19, 2012

So, here's a thing that makes me feel calm: I'm going to Iceland for a few days in May. Josh will already be there doing some conferencing, which is great because if you're going to ride a reindeer across a glacier to slay a volcano or whatever, he's the guy to do it with. (Plus, we have some experience crossing frozen expanses together.) I am feeling the restless all down my bones, and I haven't been anywhere new in so long. I am badly in need of an adventure.

Iceland seems like a good place for me, given that it makes policy decisions that cater to the invisibles and has a cemetery of national heroes populated largely by poets. I'm a little wary of being a tiny redhead among a race of vikings, but the first page my guidebook opened to was titled "Ultima Thule", and this I think is a good omen.The place where the monsters are is usually where things are best.


Phil said...

Sorry to be so chatty, but I recommend reading Independent People.

samantha said...

Should I read it before I leave or while I'm there?

Phil said...

Whenever you have time, I guess. It's a novel about a sheep-farmer who engages in poetry slams with other sheep-farmers, in between discussions of sheep diseases. Sounds torpid, but it pulls you in. From an Amazon review:

"Independent People is not a book for everyone. It is a long, slow and sometimes punishing read. Laxness paints the sheep farmer's life in bleak tones. Think of Solzhenitsyn's Siberia or Rolvaag's Dakota prairie. So dismal is the mood at times that the reader feels the imminent onset of seasonal affective disorder. But Independent People also contains moments of pure, distilled beauty so arresting they seem to stand out from the cold landscape like stars in the ink of darkness."