Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not too long ago I came home in the gray light just before dawn, legs sore from dancing too long in the wrong shoes as usual, listening to the morning birds just waking up. This year has continued wreaking havoc on my dearly loved, stealing more organs and parents and a certain amount of dignity, but with all of that we still have our dance parties and our champagne and our laughing too loud and too long. Maybe the universe doesn't give us more than we have the friends to help us handle.

A few days ago I was walking when the weather turned, and I found myself surrounded by a swirl of snowflakes and cherry blossom petals. The wind knocked the breath out of me for a moment and all I could see was a funnel of pink and white. I imagine that if I could have breathed in, in that second, it would have tasted like just before the beginning of the world, cold and sweet and full of promise.

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Phil said...

Ah, spring in Seattle. Thunder, snow, hail, searing sunshine, and blossom shrapnel.