Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hear that someone has figured out how to make violin strings from spider silk. This is fun, since it's all modern science and research that have taken us from catgut through metal and synthetics right back around to nature. If we were paying more attention we probably would have long ago noticed all the spiders fiddling on their webs, having spider country dances and long sweet symphonies, hiding their instruments behind their backs whenever anyone else came along. Given what else we know spider silk is capable of, I can only imagine that we will be making violin strings that are impervious to bullets and fire and ultraviolet light, creating sound while the world disintegrates around them.

They found those fossilized spider webs dating back 100 million years or so, all those prehistoric spiders playing songs for the rise of the dinosaurs. Little tiny spider scientists, knowing all along what we're just figuring out.

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