Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They say that in Spanish and Italian the words for "sleep" and "dream" are the same, as though you can move across borders and no longer need to differentiate among what is happening inside your head, to explain and then analyze. Sleeping in Italy and Spain must be so much more restful.

Picture for a moment the rainbow eucalyptus, sitting improbably in forests and ornamental gardens, its colors streaked like crayons, each layer of bark shedding in patches and changing shades as the time passes. The wood at the heart is used as ornamental, the bark used in the Philippines to battle fatigue, the smell of the leaves familiar and yet not so strong, so perhaps the tree is using much of its power to show passers-by and jungle birds something different. Aboriginal Australian tribes believed that the sky rested on a eucalyptus tree, but nothing seems to record what might be resting on the rainbow eucalyptus. Possibly because everything is.

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