Sunday, January 15, 2012

I don't know a thing about playing poker, so it shouldn't be a surprise how I lose everything each time all my chips are in, but I'm not sure knowing the rules would change my habits anyway. Luck and skill are never on my side, so it's always a losing game. All the other options are even less fun, and the rumor is that there is as much to be gained in this way as there is to be lost. I have yet to see the truth in that, but it seems to be as good a way as any to have faith in.

I fell off the edge of the map when I wasn't looking, and the main obstacle with ultima thule is that there's no way back to where the waters have already been charted. No way out but around the edges. I could handle some softer learning experiences, with my heart rubbed raw from scraping against the rocks and my bones all sore from the sudden stop at the bottom. Ultimately I saw what I have worked so hard to get in sight of, and though the ending was catastrophic it would be against the spirit of adventure to say that it was not worthwhile to have been so happy for some time. Perhaps it will turn out that the softer landing will have been the moments before, once my bruises have healed and I can look back up at what was once an open space. Maybe off the edge of the map time moves backward and forward just as easily as the water, as deliberately as the blue butterflies that live in all of the meadows.

Maybe the lesson to be learned is that sometimes there are no lessons at all.

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