Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I don't know. I guess I never really considered why the birds and the fish remain so far apart, how it would never really matter how hard I tried to lift if you hadn't yet evolved the lungs to stay there. How it was always going to be back to your depths because you haven't grown the strength for my air. My tiny hollow bones can only do so much.

And all that's left, really, is to retreat and try to polish what was so deliberately tarnished. Because there are more fires ahead, and now I know that I will walk through them while you will turn and find the easier path. Our hearts are the only currency we have, and I think that yours might spend easier while mine at high shine can be seen from space. Neither better or more useful, but it turns out we spend differently. It's probably true that no one could have guessed.

I believe in a life in the rarefied air, where fish and birds and things that haven't been invented yet all live in the same place, breathing something that none of us have ever known before. Later may be too late, but something is usually better than nothing at all.

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