Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So this friend of mine started fashion school a little while ago, and one of her assignments was to interview someone with a different style than her own. (She's got that whole sexy tomboy thing going on.) She sent it to me recently, and I wondered, "what am I supposed to do with this?" until I remember that this is practically what the internet was invented for. So ok, let's talk about fashion. Or ok, let's copy and paste about fashion. (For authenticity, imagine that I am answering these while waving my hands around, because man am I a hand talker.)

You almost never wear pants. What's the deal with that, anyway?
(laughs) It's a couple of things, I guess. I realized a couple of years ago that dresses were more comfortable, and that I thought a lot less about what might be wrong with my body when I felt comfortable in my clothes. Pants are so binding And then it turned out that I liked the act of dressing deliberately, and there are a lot more options when half of your outfit isn't jeans.

How would you describe your style?
I'm actually really boring. But I guess by default you'd have to call my style "girly", what with all the dresses and heels. Plus I love lace and satin and jewelery and sparkly things.

What are some of your favorite pieces?
I made a locket with pictures of my maternal grandparents in it a while ago, and it makes me feel safe every time I wear it. A couple of months ago I bought some really great ankle boots (these ones) and I wear them everywhere all the time and people always compliment them. And colored tights--this fall and winter I've been wearing a lot of different shades of gray and also this pair that is a dusty rose.

What are you never seen without?
A very confused look, a ring that my grandfather had made for me and another from the gumball machine at the bar down my street. It used to have plastic eggs with a ring, a condom, and a fortune in them, which I found hilarious. Now it's just a fortune and a tampon, which seems less optimistic.

I'm also usually wearing some sort of jewel-tone color. Seattle's a pretty gray city, and I figure that with my red hair I'm already going to be visible from space, so there's no reason not to. Plus, my skin is so fair that softer colors don't look as good. I like the idea of brightening things up.

Do you buy new or vintage?
Ummmm, both. Vintage often fits better, but I don't usually have the patience for vintage shopping. A lot of my jewelery is vintage. I'm pretty hard on clothes and shoes, what with all of the walking and falling down, so I tend to buy less expensive things that won't matter so much when I rip them.

And of course, some of my clothes I make myself, when I have time.

What's your favorite thing about fashion?
I love that it can be art that you take everywhere with you, and how it's possible to completely transform your mood just by changing your outfit. Wait, that's two things, isn't it? Hell.

What's your least favorite thing about fashion?
I don't like that people don't dress for events anymore--I used to volunteer at the ballet, and it drove me crazy to see people there in things like jeans and flipflops. I know I'm old fashioned, but I don't like that comfort has taken the place of showing respect for the people around us. Also, I don't like most of the Spring 2010 Louboutin collection.

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