Saturday, January 02, 2010


When you arrived last night I was just starting to break a sweat in a dance party, wearing an adorable dress and with pretty awesome hair, and my first kiss for the year was at least a straight boy for once, if one that is also just a pal. Some things happened that I didn't like, but there was also a hilarious romantic goose chase trying to corral a boy for a friend that ended up crashing an after party that was maybe not so happy to see us. I started you off for real well-rested and not hung over and eventually watching Robert Downey Jr. be stupidly hot, and then eating one of my favorite sandwiches in Seattle, so we'll call all of that a good start.

2010, I am suspicious of you because everyone keeps crowing about all of the good feelings they have about you. By now I know better than to tempt you like that. But I'm still hopeful, I guess. I have done a lot of failing, but I have tried hard the last few years to do more good things than bad ones, so I kind of hope that I'm always getting closer to a year where ok is not a triumph. Maybe we can try for actually sincerely good? Or more good than bad and less bad and more alright?

Anyway, let's talk about this. We have a whole year to get it right.


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