Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I read this with an instant shock of recognition: I do this all the time. Some of the things I tend to imagine against my will are:

Going in a car under an overpass and someone commits suicide off of it, landing on our car and killing whoever is in it in the resulting accident.

Somehow surviving the zombie uprising, living for years in the woods, and attempting to emerge back into the broken cities only to find that the zombies are still there and having to return to the woods after all that hope.

The elevator cable snapping and not knowing exactly when I'm going to crash and die until, suddenly, I do.

Gravity failing, and trying to stop from floating into space by grabbing on to a power line.

Walking over a sidewalk grate and it breaks open and I die of a broken neck on top of a pile of squished rats.

Hearing my sliding glass door open while I am in bed, and then subsequently hearing someone standing in my living room, whispering my name.

Getting knocked in front of an oncoming bus at the bus stop.

Being in the shower with all of the doors and windows in my apartment closed and locked, and the doorknob of the bathroom door slowly starts to turn.

Walking home alone a little bit late at night, under and past the St. Mark's Greenbelt, and a grumpy bear/coyote/mountain lion/crazy homeless man comes crashing through the brush and bites half of my face off.

An earthquake happening while I'm walking down a street, and there's nowhere to hide from falling things and the ground opening up.

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