Friday, March 20, 2009

I am mostly recovered from my terrible wasting disease, except for some lingering coughing and a general vagueness of brain. I'm having a whole lot of trouble focusing on anything, including conversations with other people and my own impulse control, which has led to fortunately less damaging wackiness than it probably should have. It's only today become spring, so I think everyone's a little slow to respond.

I probably should have spent more time this week resting and recovering, but after spending a whole week trapped in my apartment without the energy to do anything but put in another movie, I couldn't. I hated the idea that fun things were probably happening without me, while I was wasting all of this time just trying not to die. (Although I guess, in a broader sense, we're all always wasting all this time trying not to die, right? I just prefer to do that in a bar with my friends rather than on the couch with the plague.) So I've spent the last couple of days sitting in places and laughing and talking about my theory of always having three crushes at a time instead of sleeping, and I feel like that's a trade I can live with.

And today of course is the first day of spring, which means we're pretty much minutes away from outdoor drinking and having liquor splashed in my shoes and barbecues and being in public without tights on. I'm definitely ready for another season of saying yes to whatever comes up just in case it turns out to be interesting. Time for more adventures.

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