Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sometimes it's good that I have this record. I'm working on a lazy case of the smash-everythings right now, wanting vaguely to break whatever I can get my hands on over my knee and then move to a village outside of Prague with a hermit crab named Claude. But I had the smash-everythings at this time last year, too, having come back from New York to find post-vacation life not moving in the directions or at the speeds that I had anticipated. Something in the air in June seems to make me impatient, but realizing that I am always impatient in June makes it easier to handle, because I know it will pass. It has to have passed, in order to have come around again.

And things are different this time around, too. Last June I reinstated the no-touching rule and currently I am pro touching. Last June I was sad and making bad decisions, and this June I am mostly happy and making no decisions at all.

Last June I had never cooked a duck on my barbecue, and now I have. Clearly, life is always improving.

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