Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm not doing much that's interesting right now, just a lot of holding up bars and eating duck in various places, but Steph and Ryan are in the process of walking from Georgia to Pennsylvania along the Appalachian Trail. This is a totally foreign idea to me, spending three months in the woods. I spoke to them yesterday on the telephone yesterday, and they have not been eaten by bears or taken up wearing overalls or been hacked to pieces by a serial killer, or fallen into a ravine and gotten stuck since they refused to take a first aid class before they left. I've been concerned.

They've been sending postcards to the internet via me, and I have been scanning them and posting them to their website for them. They seem to be having a pretty good time, now that they've gotten shoes that are either fixed or a correct size. It's not something I'd ever plan to do, but I'm glad they're having an adventure.

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