Sunday, January 06, 2008

I've been thinking a lot about Newton lately, and his whole knifing himself in the eye habit. I can understand not seeing the world in enough colors, everything not looking the way it does in that space behind his eyes. He found that by pressing the tip of the knife against the back side of the eyeball he could make circles appear everywhere, growing and shrinking depending on how hard he pressed.

I decided that to counteract December I'm going to force a good mood until it actually happens. Things have been working in my favor on that end. I've spent the weekend wearing a sparkly dress, assembling furniture, drinking mimosas and watching the snow. I walked home from a trip to the fabric store to find that I was genuinely pleased with everyone. It's a season of big crushes and champagne and feeling accomplished, and I've made it through six whole days of brazening out the plan. I've been lost in this driveway before.

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