Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have roughed out an itinerary for my trip that includes Rome, Siena, Florence, Venice, Assisi, and Naples, with day trips to Bomarzo (if I can figure out how to get there), Ninfa, and Pompeii. I've booked places to stay in all of those except Assisi, because I am nothing if not a crazy planner. So now! You should tell me what to do in those places. Especially if you can tell me how to get to Bomarzo from Rome.

Planning and thinking about my trip is doing a lot to keep my mind off the deeply blues, my haunted bedroom, and feeling like a poisonous frog.

When I was in China, I was amazed at what turned out to be universal currency: Elvis and UB40, the Backstreet Boys, harmonicas. Some of my favorite parts of that trip were the moments when I stopped being so obviously foreign and was just another person. I'm looking forward to having that feeling again.

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