Thursday, September 20, 2007

I get to be a little obsessed with getting my hair cut before each trip to Florida, to make it as short and red as I can handle. I think that what happens is that when Hair and Shoulders meet, they start passing notes with Shoulder Blades, and I start thinking like long and brown and wavy. And really, friends, I'm just not that girl anymore. Thankfully.

For fall I am very into bright green coats, cozy asphalt grey sweaters, pink high heels, guitar solos, friendly dogs, telling secrets, lasagna, shocking people with inappropriate jokes, champagne, kissing, and learning how to make things. Please plan accordingly. I learned to silkscreen last night, and once I learn to sew, which starts in two weeks, I will perhaps be able to realize my longtime dream of owning a skirt that has the giant squid attacking the Nautilus on it. I don't think there are words to properly convey how excited this thought makes me, and I'm fairly certain that I'll end up compulsively documenting the whole process. That is my way.

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