Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Internet! Jeff is a daddy! Little Benjamin is cuter than a whole sack full of buttons. (Yes, it does feel a little weird that my ex boyfriends are doing things like having children, and my existential crisis is certainly currently frugging around the inside of my head, holding up a little sign that says, "Just what the fuck are you doing with yourself, Fonz?" But let's not think about that and go look at the wee baby instead, shall we?)

It was possibly a poor idea to make the twin bad decisions to break in some new shoes and go dancing last night, and my feet are currently bumping fists with my existential crisis, pointing at its sign and nodding emphatically. Fortunately, I bought a whole new box of bandaids.

The bandaids are mostly for my fingers, though. You can always tell the state of my life by the state of my hands, as I've never quite been able to shake the habit of biting my fingernails and cuticles. I only do it unconsciously and when I'm stressed, and it belies all appearances of self-confident or well put together.

Several of my friends are getting ready to camp out for the iPhone, and even though I've been making a whole lot of fun of them for it, I'm secretly charmed by their enthusiasm. Nothing's cuter than enthusiasm. Except maybe brand new babies.

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