Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Caroline and I played hooky today so we could skip town and head out to Mount Vernon to see the tulips. While we were there, we stopped at a cidery and talked to the cider man, who was in the middle of bottling a new batch, and drank some of the fresh from the barrel cider. (Which I bought. Come over and drink cider!) We wandered through the blooms and took pictures and had lunch and got a little lost and thought seriously about buying a great big truck and tried on clothes and talked about boys and family and jobs and friends and boys. During the week is the best time to go to the tulip festival because there aren't so many people there, so when you're quiet you can hear the bees buzzing inside the flowers. When it's very still, the whole field vibrates. It was amazing.

Friends who will drive off with you in the middle of the week to go look at flowers are great friends to have. I really needed this little trip.

Other things:

One of the greatest parts of being a girl is wearing skirts shorter than your jacket. It's like a secret. (Boys can do this too, it's just a different type of secret.)
I am going to make a mixtape entitled Songs to Build a Ship To. It will include ample dance breaks, which are an essential part of making boats.
My neighbors are all either having major breakups or doing performance art. Anyway, there's a lot of shouting in my building lately.
Everywhere I go lately I've been seeing dead birds. This concerns me since, as we all know, dead birds mean that the mine shaft has been compromised.

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