Saturday, November 19, 2005

I went to a lecture yesterday on transgenics and zebrafish, the burden of which was that scientists really like to make things glow. Actually, it was all about using zebrafish embryos to watch development because they're see-through, and then making them glow later to help study things like TB. It was truly cool, and I got to look through a microscope at little wiggly things.
I like science.

Later, there was an impromptu happy hour with my coworkers, at which I managed to tell a joke so offensive that John swears he hadn't heard anything so bad during his 5 years in the Marines. I'm absurdly pleased with myself. Afterwards, Steph and Ryan made a yummy dinner and we went downtown to see the new Harry Potter.

Today was my volunteer training for the space travel supply store, and then a trip to pick up some stuff for Thanksgiving. Waiting for the light to change, a man told me that he liked my jeans. This was gratifying--they're my favorites. The Muppet Movie is tonight's midnight movie, and then tomorrow is grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and then the Tullycraft show.

I think I'll probably start my annual Thanksgiving wigging tomorrow. I need to make a couple of lists.

I am so, so overbooked these days. This is fine in several ways, but I keep forgetting to return phone calls and emails, and I'm neglecting the new people I've met because the friends I already have are so much fun. It's also my excuse for being even less interesting than usual. I'm not used to being so busy.

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