Sunday, November 13, 2005

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I have trouble cutting round vegetables into rectangles. This is probably a metaphor for something, but I'm too tired for metaphors. In case you were wondering, I used this recipe with zucchini instead of squash, which I added halfway through because zucchini cooks so much faster.

Josh joined me for a drink at the White Horse last night before the show, and then we made it to the Showbox just in time for Leslie Feist's set. The girl standing in front of me never stopped talking and Leslie's equipment was a little screwed up, but the woman has one of the coolest voices going.

We elbowed our way through the crowd from the bar to get closer to the stage for the Broken Social Scene set, which is something that I'm getting better at doing. While we waited, they played most of a Jackson 5 album. It turns out that after a song or two, the Jackson 5 are really, really annoying.
Broken Social Scene is made up of, I don't know, like 30 people, most of which were wandering around the stage at some point or another. I'd lose sight of someone playing the trombone, and he'd turn up a few minutes later playing the drums. I couldn't keep track of what everyone was doing, which didn't really matter, because it was all amazing. They played for about two hours, and seriously brought the rock (as Scott would say) for all of it.

Once upon a time I took pictures for a boyfriend's band, and I've realized lately that I really miss doing show photos. My new camera came yesterday and I got to try it out last night, and I'm pretty pleased. The trouble is that I like to try for a tight frame, and in a concert setting it's really hard to get that to focus with the light available. Which just means that I'll have to fiddle with the camera some more, and go to more shows. Scarlet Room, anyone? Band of Horses? Caribou/Super Furry Animals?

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