Sunday, December 05, 2004

This year's postmodern Christmas tree has officially been constructed. This year, it's made from a chair, the cushion for my porch chair, a copy of "The Age of innocence," my cane, and a stack of old middle school textbooks.
It's decorated with all of the ornaments I've made/been given my whole life, lights, and gasparilla beads.
Music, as per tradition, was The Arrogant Worms album "Christmas Turkey."

(A brief history for those of you not in the know: two Christmases ago I was in my first apartment and desperately wanted a Christmas tree, but couldn't really afford one. Frustrated and depressed, I decided that the thing to do was make one out of things we had lying around the house. My roommates at the time joined in, and we ended up with a pretty splendid tree. At that point, I decided that real trees are for families, and so until I have one I'll just make my own out of whatever I have.)

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