Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Yesterday's mail brought a whole mess of wedding pictures from the bride herself. The enclosed note mentioned honeymoon pictures as well, and I was a mite concerned because, after all, Sarah is the girl that sent me a postcard from her honeymoon to let me know that she likes having sex. None of the pictures, fortunately, involve her hairy husband wearing any less clothes than I'm used to. (We were a very close household.)

The one that gets me, though, that hits me right in the softest places of my sentimental little heart, is this shot of the two of them right about to exit the church: man and wife for a matter of moments. Jesse just looks relieved that it's over, but Sarah is positively radiant with joy. I've never seen her look so happy as she does here. Looking at it makes me stop and go "oh, so that's what this marriage thing is all about."
Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake, it's true, and I've had trouble getting myself around the whole idea of Sarah being married. But somehow, this picture brings it home.

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