Sunday, September 05, 2004

Going to the zoo is like Where's Waldo or a word search, and I like how friendly people stand together in front of cages and exhibits looking for the same thing and letting everyone around know when they find it. I did my best to make friends with folks at the zoo.

The last time I went to the zoo was around this time last year, and we avoided the butterfly tent for reasons that I'm sure weren't worthwhile. I made sure to stop in this time, and the little girl inside wanted so badly for a butterfly to land on her. It reminded me of when I was small, trying to sit very still in our garden, waiting impatiently in the hope that one of the Monarch butterflies that visited our flowers would settle on me.

One of the zoo employees was standing by the lemurs taking notes. When we walked up she was being questioned by a little girl, and was patiently answering with, "Because this is my job." We pointed out a couple of lemurs behind a screen of bushes grooming each other, and she was pleased that they weren't fighting.
My favorites are always the monkeys.

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