Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Everywhere I went downtown today, there was someone with a clipboard asking me if I had voted yet. The first few times I attempted to explain that I did my civic duty the lazy way, via absentee ballot in my living room, but eventually I just gave up and answered "Yes."
I'm pretty impressed by all the hoopla over the primaries hereabouts, though. The last time the governor's mansion was up for grabs in Florida, I'm pretty sure Jeb just reappointed himself. I certainly don't know anyone that remembers voting for him, although then again, that's hardly surprising.
Anyway, the thing is that later today I spoke with my brother Ryan, the one that's 12. He's a funny kid. (This is true: his New Year's resolution for this year was to say "um..." a lot.) When he asked what I did today, I answered almost mechanically "I voted."
"You did?" He sounded impressed. "Who did you vote for?"
"Oh, lots of folks."
"My teacher says that you can write down people you want to vote for if you don't like the people that are there."
"Well, buddy, it's not that easy. I mean, it is that easy, but just 'cause you write them down doesn't mean anyone else will."
"I know, but I would feel better."
"Who would you write down?"
"Sadie [the dog]. She's pretty old and she doesn't say much, so I think she'd do good."
I didn't have anything to say to that, so I changed the subject.

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