Friday, June 24, 2011

My trip in August is slowly collapsing, and I have been trying to navigate the decisions appropriately. I have a tendency to over commit to follow-through, to do what I have said even if it is no longer the best decision, to be true to my word even in the face of overwhelming conflicting evidence. And so I am trying to be thoughtful instead of stubborn, but it's all difficult and disappointing. Everything is always so hard--I need an intern, or a life coach, or maybe a personal shaman. A time machine. A puppy. Something.

We welcomed the summer this week by throwing out our usual routine and spending the solstice on a series of boats. It's a thing that people with sailboats do, I guess, racing around the lake and then tying their boats together in the middle and having a party. It's lucky that there's so much fun to be had while so many other things are crumbling, all the strangers to make friends with and hilarious dinghy rides to take. Life is a lot smarter than I am, even if it is also sort of a dick.

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