Monday, June 06, 2011

My airplane tickets are bought, and so I am officially going to Nicaragua for a couple of weeks this summer. Because it's a research trip--have I mentioned that I will be finally finished with graduate school this year?--most of my itinerary is already roughed out and full of meetings. There are a couple of days at the end of things where I plan on doing little more than sitting in hammocks and wandering around volcanoes in Granada. The difficulty with having a full-time job and a regular course load is that there is not a lot of time for relaxing, so I am looking forward to the whole thing. To using my brains instead of mostly just my patience, and making new friends. Running my eyes across whole new horizons.

It's a lot easier to be calm and wait for all of the things that may happen next when I have an adventure on the horizon. This, at least, is a thing I have some control over.

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