Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It probably wasn't the best idea to follow the corpse candles so deep into the swamps, but we paved the way by avoiding the wolves with such success. Breadcrumbs and broken shoes, and out the other side alive. Who's to say we couldn't do the same thing again? I only really wanted to feel that cool fire under my hand.

I dug all of those paths, even though they filled right back up with water, just for the sake of doing something. Progress, or at least the next best thing, and all the time being followed by trucks with no headlights and a hand on my calf. As usual, much too vulnerable. Anything for the sake of those flames, the green fire soft between my fingers.

The truth of the matter is, I will almost certainly follow that will-o'-the-wisp to whatever swamps and woods and canyons and deserts it chooses to traipse through. I'm not sure that "astray" is the same thing as "lost", and even if it is there are worse things to be.

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