Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Someone gave me my first advent calendar this month, and now I finally understand the appeal. It's filled with candy, after all, and it looks so jaunty with my pink sparkly Christmas tree.

It is the end of the quarter and I am sick, like clockwork, which I sort of feel is just the price of a life lived at this pace. There are so many people around all the time, and lately so many of them seem to want to be touching me, so some of them are almost certainly covered with germs. It's just a numbers thing. (Dear people of Seattle: please stop touching me. I am not a puppy.)

I am spending the holiday at home this year, and taking the week after it off as well, and so I am laying in supplies. Cookbooks and Watership Down and stories about ethnobotanists discovering zombies, documentaries, sweaters. Tiny pink Christmas tree. Quiet, and still, and hopefully snowing.

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