Monday, December 13, 2010

It seems that in the depths our only options are to grow bigger eyes or to lose them altogether.

I think about eyes a lot, how we evolved ourselves into them and all of the avenues we can go down to evolve our way back out of them. How we see differently after each eclipse and Venus transit, and how we can't see our own glow but our old friend the mantis shrimp probably can. Just because of what is going on inside each of our own eyeballs, whatever kind of magic had to happen to get us from no eyes to these eyes.

And the changes, too. From the crystal eyes of the trilobites to here, and whatever happens next. Like that spider who can see at night not because its eyes are made of mirrors but because it grows a whole new skin of cells on each eye every night that gets destroyed by dawn. So much responsibility for something so little.

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