Monday, August 02, 2010

Maybe it doesn't surprise you, how often I think of Saturn, sitting surrounded by rings of ice, and how for so long we thought the rings were few in number but large. And how now we know that there are thousands, maybe, smaller, shaped and carved and pulled around by tiny moons, moons that we only recently had eyes to see but moons that have maybe been there longer than we have been here. And we'll keep sending stronger eyes into space and sharpening what it's possible to know about what there is, but also reminding ourselves of everything that we didn't know we were overlooking.

It takes a while to consider all of that when we are stuck down here with hearts of crystal, strapped to dynamite and mistaking the blinking of our detonators for heartbeats. I think sometimes that the force of our explosions might propel our hearts into space, that what is ringing Saturn is really each of us, cold and hard and tugged at by moons we've never even seen.

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