Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aside from being the scariest thing you can do while fully clothed and hooked into a harness, trapezing puts some serious strain on one's laughing muscles and one's reaching muscles. I didn't even realize that there were muscles on my ribcage and in my armpits, but I sure am aware of it now. I use my laughing and my reaching muscles a lot.

These are also the muscles involved with getting out of bed, as though that isn't an excruciating enough experience already.

As of last night I have finished my journey through nonprofit law, which turned out to be a subject that ate up a lot of my life and made me very, very glad that I decided against going to law school. This means that there are six whole weeks before I have to pick my double life back up again. If going to grad school has done anything, it has made me very thankful for the weeks when all I have to do is work full time. I have a lot of park sitting and bbqing and dance partying to catch up on.

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