Friday, October 19, 2007

When I left the office this afternoon, I stepped out into the coldest, sunniest rainstorm I've seen yet. Whatever is magical about a warm sun shower goes right away when that rain is cold enough to be ice on the other side of town, and I was foolishly dressed for such weather, having left my rain boots at home.

I rolled up my jeans and squished down the block, my shoes quickly filling with water and a damp synthetic tang starting to rise from my jacket. I stopped short and stumbled a little, trying to avoid a crow's wing sitting in the middle of the sidewalk with the rest of the bird nowhere around. As I regained my balance and looked back up I noticed a rainbow spreading across the clouds still sitting to the north.

Thanks for that, sky. It made the rest of the walk home, with all of the dripping and shivering, almost worthwhile.

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