Saturday, August 11, 2007

One of my adorable old roommates was in town for approximately 24 hours, on her way from Alaska to Boston, where she'll be getting her Master's at Harvard. We spent almost the whole time looking at and talking about books, eating things that were delicious, laughing, and drinking. While we were out we ran into Phil. I love how easily my old friends fit into my new life, and I wish they could come together more often.

Today in space two boys came in and hung out for a while. One of them asked us if we wanted balloon hats, as though there was any way that we could have said no. (Actually, that would probably be an excellent wooing technique. Fellows, take note: the ladies always love impromptu balloon animal-ing.) He pulled a whole mess of balloons and a pump out of his bag and, sure enough, made us hats.

On the way home, the man who carries a ferret in his fanny pack was on the bus, holding forth about the superior nature of ferrets as pets. The lady who was sitting across from him didn't appear to have asked, but she nodded politely the whole time anyway.

What else do you have for me, weekend? Am I going to find myself wrestling some gators? Running into my first boyfriend? Heading over the state line?

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