Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Internet, I have decided to have a birthday party at Linda's next Tuesday, and I think y'all should come, especially if you don't bring anything that might explode/used to be alive. I'm pretty sure we're friends, and if we're not, I'm pretty sure we should be. I'm anticipating a bunch of lovable geeks in sport coats, maybe a motorcycle gang, and someone to push the prom queen into the pool. Birthday party, 80's's all the same thing.

Seriously, I spent most of 24 being vaguely sad and definitely intoxicated, spending too much time with boys who were not nearly nice enough to me. I also had a whole lot of really great times and made a bunch of truly excellent new friends, but mostly we're going to call 24 a wash. So I intend to start 25 off right--by getting drunk and doing things I'll regret. In a party dress. With, if I'm lucky, some candied bacon.

It's not just the whiskey talking; I really do love you, baby. Let's have a party.

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