Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things I am very into right now, a list:

Bar banter.
Playing "would you sleep with him" with the gay boys. They answer "yes" a lot more often than I do. Who would have thought that I was the one with standards!
Cherry blossoms.
Plum blossoms.
All tulips that are not white. Also, daffodils.
Talking about drinking whiskey.
Biscuits and gravy.
Making up stories about a pangolin and a star-nosed mole that become unlikely friends and go on adventures together.
Bogie and Bacall.
Wishing we were courting via the postal system.
Answering invitations with a, "you bet, bitches!" and sometimes an imaginary-maraca-shaking dance.
An email from an old friend that said, "You are the strangest girl I know, but in a cute way."
Calling people "sugar."
Impromptu choose-your-own-adventuring. "Ok, you have been press ganged into service by a bunch of gnomes. Do you: teach them to sing Aretha Franklin songs or: chew your arm off to escape the shackles?"
Laying on the couch and being curmudgeonly.

Things I am not so into right now, another list:

Anyone telling me what to do. Ever.
Me, actually. I'm sort of intolerable.
Blisters. Why do you hurt me, cute shoes? Love is painful and sometimes requires bandaids.
Boys. Boys are trouble.

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