Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm not sure exactly when my attention left my work, but when I realized it was gone I found that I was watching them, three tables away. They were deep in conversation, both leaning far enough over the table that, were one of them to be bumped from behind, they would likely knock foreheads. He laughed and touched her wrist, and she dropped her eyes and blushed.

As I toyed with my coffee cup, swirling the leftovers, the phone at her elbow chirped. Her eyes started to widen a few seconds into the conversation, and to fill with tears moments after that. She nodded mutely and hung up the phone, head sinking slowly into her hands. I turned away--this was so very much not for me to be watching--and as my head moved I saw him reach one hand slowly across the table to slide softly down her hair.

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