Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hey there, spring. I saw you today, up in the high branches of that tree, sending out that first purple flower to test the air and take a look around. I know you'll be here before too long, rummaging around in my skin like a hobo with my goddamned point tied up in your handkerchief, setting my fingerprints on fire and sending me off to wreak havoc with my smile. I'm already baking you a batch of cookies in my head to use for a welcome mat.

I already knew that you'd be showing up soon, since four people that I know have had babies in the last two weeks. And I've still got a few weeks left of scarves and pink gloves before it'll be time to switch to skirts and cardigans. But I can feel your approach in the backs of my knees. It feels like the ten seconds before I wake up from a really good nap, before I open my eyes and remember everything I've forgotten while sleeping.

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