Tuesday, April 06, 2004

This story so beats whatever I was going to say that I'm just going to quote it for you. It comes from a letter from my friend Jessica that I got yesterday:

"So, my mom has been investing a large sum of money with one of her friends. This involved giving the friend sizable checks of an amount that I don't know. So, then one day there was some kind of issue with my grandparents inheritance money, so my mom called her friend (Mrs. Chamberlain) and told her that she needed to get some of the money out of the investment. Mrs. Chamberlain told her to come over and she would write her a check. So, my mom went to her house, and sat on the couch while Mrs. Chamberlain went to get her checkbook. Or so she said. Instead, she got a frying pan, and started beating my mom over the head in an attempt to kill her. Mrs. Chamberlain is apparently addicted to some very expensive drugs, and used all of my mom's money on them. I know it sounds like a lie, but...true story."

Real life is amazing...I couldn't -make- this shit up!

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