Thursday, October 18, 2012

A few months ago they punched through the top of Lake Vostok in search of 15 million-year-old secrets. They've spent all the days since then looking inside the drops they brought back, looking for tiny monsters hidden under the ice for all these years. In the end, it turns out they came back with nothing. Undeterred, they plan on going back soon, to reach a little further into the top layers of the lake and see what they can bring up.

I don't know much about drilling, but it seems to me that it must have made enough of a racket that all the microbes packed up their suitcases and made for safer waters. They want to study the inside of the lake in order to figure out something about astrobiology, and I think that the microbes probably want none of that. I think that, if they have lived all this time in all that cold and pressure, they should keep their secrets. The mystery is better than the answers.

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