Monday, June 11, 2012

I've been in North Carolina for the last few days, watching my baby brother graduate from high school. (Let's just pause for a second and consider how he was in about the 4th grade when I started writing here.)

I fell asleep on the plane from Raleigh to Atlanta--I'm becoming adept at sleeping on essentially any form of transportation even as I become less likely to be able to sleep in my own bed, just like an infant--and I woke disoriented as we were landing. Looking out the window I wondered for a moment why we were flying so low over a graveyard only to realize that what I thought were tombstones were actually houses much farther below than I thought. I made a mental note to read something more cheerful soon than the books I brought with me.

My flight home was delayed by an hour because of weather, but we finally made it up over the clouds and headed towards the westward rainbow of sunset that filled the horizon just ahead of us. We flew just a bit slower than the sun, and each time I looked out the window the light was lower and the rainbow dimmer. By the time we made it to the mountains the only light came from the towns far below and spread out to the sides, nestled in a dark anonymous landscape.

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