Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm heading back to North Carolina tonight to spend Christmas with my family. Flying alone at Christmas time is almost always the most invisible sort of flying, because I'm not generally very bustling. Everyone else is always juggling families and bags and frenzy. One of my favorite things about airports is how anonymous it is possible to be in them, and that is never more true than now.

My favorite thing about traveling at Christmas time is flying through the dark over towns covered in Christmas lights, twinkling up at me like festive constellations. All those towns I'll probably never go to, filled with all those people I'll probably never meet, having their lives without realizing my airplane is there. It's comforting.

I'll be spending the holiday hugging the dogs and annoying my brothers in the grand tradition of older sisters everywhere. And then coming home, which is always the best part of going away.