Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of my favorite things lately is the bat billboard, a design for a bat habitat that doubles as a billboard, to give bats a space in urban areas and to study them, and to teach people about how bats aren't bad even if they are kind of alarming. While I do not like things that swoop I am pretty fond of bats, especially the ones that go to space, and I am very sorry about their troubles with that fungus that kills them in their sleep.Obviously, the best part of this project is the idea of translating what the bats are saying to each other, all these little bat stories that bats can't read over our cities. Bat secrets.

But then the other day I read Bradbury's The Veldt again, and I started thinking about all of the problems that could arise if all of the desires of bats were out there for all of us to see. How we would get so used to them talking about mosquitoes that we probably wouldn't notice when they started talking about us, and all the ways down from there.