Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flushed with our brilliance we installed a kissing gate at the entrance to the swamp. Only people and nothing else going in and out through that gate, we were sure. Forgetting about all the tiny things, the squirrels and the sparrows and the smaller monsters. All the scary things aren't only the ones we can see from far away.

I've been quietly having a lot of feelings over here lately, going to bachelorette parties and board meetings and home, hearing mostly bad news and even more often no news at all. Thinking in that way I have, simultaneously too much and not at all. The other day a stack of flotsam fell off my end table and revealed a star chart I picked up last year. August is coming around again soon, and I sat for a while and tried to decide if it would be accurate again this year, and if it would be better if it weren't. I could look up the answer, I suppose, but the answer is mostly beside the point. I'd use it for navigating anyway.

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