Wednesday, February 02, 2011

When we finished with the trapeze class (I'm going to keep referring to that until it is no longer the scariest thing I have ever done, which I guess means I need to take up something like skydiving, alligator wrestling, or falling in love) they suggested that we try aerial silks next, since you start on those pretty close to the ground. We gave it the first shot yesterday, trying out all of the other circus contraptions, and the main lesson I took away from the whole experience is that while I have not even the slightest desire to be an athlete or the sort of person who does yoga or whatever, it probably wouldn't hurt me to be a little more flexible and a little stronger. If only to cut down on the amount of time I spend mewling in pain after these sorts of experiences. It's easy to fool people about how out of shape I am because I am little, although on the other hand it is a lot easier to get other people to do things for me this way.

Anyway, next month I'm going to shoot an AK47, provided I can lift it. I'm not very fond of guns, but I haven't ever shot one before, so I figure I might as well try it out once.

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