Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They say that it's mostly when your brain is tired that you experience jamais vu, when you can look directly at something that you know you know and yet still not recognize it. In a way that's creepier than the opposite, if only because feeling connected is better than the alternative. Our brains get tired so easily, if not so easily as they should.

I find it comforting to read all of these lists about the names for the ways that we feel in all of the languages that they happen, I guess because fitting boxes around feeling disconnected and tired and strange makes it all a little less. I like making order out of something that ought not to have order, someplace firm from which to go forward. Because mostly there's so much that means so little.

I like maps so much, after all, and all of these words are really just maps to places that might otherwise be invisible.

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