Thursday, September 09, 2010

Because I can't stay put for more than three minutes at a time, I'm taking a long weekend to ride in an RV down to a house on the Oregon Coast. I have neither been in an RV nor to the Oregon Coast before, so obviously this will be an adventure. For so long most of my traveling was done on an airplane and alone, and while that's its own sort of fun I do dearly love piling into some kind of vehicle with my urban family and looking around somewhere new.

It's been something of a melancholy summer, in general and from the weather, and I'm looking forward to a new season. I've had fun, certainly, but it feels a lot like I'm treading water even though I'm trying very hard to swim. I'm sure things will change when they're good and ready, but I am getting mighty tired of being patient. So a few days by a windy beach, reading books and drinking whiskey and learning to play poker and maybe digging for clams, seems like a nice way to align myself in fall sort of ways. Sweaters and band photos and laughing and pies.

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