Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The one battle I'm always losing is the one with gravity, coming out of even the quietest of weekends dappled with bruises and scrapes. My knees and shins are always bumped and shaded purple. A couple of weeks ago I had a suspiciously hand-shaped bruise wrapped around my left side, and this week the back side of my shoulder is healing itchily from presumably careening wildly into something or another in my apartment last weekend. I don't ride a bicycle ever mostly because I'm sure I'll end up losing a leg. As I get older I become more and more convinced that the only reason I haven't yet broken anything is because my bones are made of rubber.

My birthday is coming up, and last year at birthdaytime was when I started the No Feelings Plan. It's worked out pretty well, about which more later, but I'm thinking about implementing a plan for this year that's more about physically feeling less, in falling down ways. Learning to be graceful and not quite so covered in bruises.

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